At Aqua Creative we can deliver you a Blog or a dynamic database driven website by making use of state-of-the-art publishing platform, WordPress.

What is a Blog (and why have one)?

A blog (short for web log) is a type of website which tends to have a number of entries, regularly posted by the ‘blogger’.

Blogs range in their nature, but they normally provide commentary on a particular subject, and / or act as online diaries. Most blogs tend to be text based, although some are image, video or audio based and it is usual that the most recent entries are presented at the top of the website and articles are categorised in a number of ways for users to find and read.

The ability for users to leave comments and interact with the ‘blogger’ / company is an important part of many blogs. The possibility to build a community around a company is very exciting and blogs can often allow for a company to show a more personal, informal face to their business. Marry this with the user generated content they produce and the fact blogs are often updated regularly and it is a perfect formula to boast a company’s SEO and traffic, so just another reason that so many companies are now ‘blogging’. However it is important to point out they do take a lot of time and dedication to keep updated and interesting.

So what is WordPress?

WordPress is the largest self-hosted blogging tool in the world, and what started as just a blogging system has evolved and is now used as full content management system. Its CMS is very easy to use and the system has a large number of plug-ins, widgets and themes which now allow WordPress websites to go beyond just being a blog.

‘WordPress started in 2003 with a single bit of code to enhance the typography of everyday writing and with fewer users than you can count on your fingers and toes.’ Today it is used on millions of sites and seen by tens of millions of people every day.

WordPress is an Open Source project, which means there are thousands of people all over the world working on it.

You can visit their website at

What is a Content Management System?

A content management system is a piece of software that can keep track of the content on a website. It allows you, the client, the ability to update that content with no technical skill or knowledge of website coding, maintenance etc. It means you can make changes / updates to your website without having to come through a website development company such as ourselves.

The content that is updateable can range from something simple like text on a blog post, all the way through to allowing a client (and their users) to update and manage photos, music, video content and more.

What is Open Source?

‘Open source refers to a program whose source code is made available for use or modification as users or other developers see fit. Historically, the makers of proprietary software have generally not made source code available. Open source software is usually developed as a public collaboration and made freely available.’

What this means in the case of WordPress is any person / developer can download and install a software script called WordPress,

it is completely customizable and you can use it and modify how you see fit, either via settings in the system or via PHP (as WordPress is based on PHP and MySQL).

Many developers create open source plug-ins to expand on the basic functionality of the core system and these are either free to use or can have an associated costs. Again all the plug-ins can be modified as they are supplied as open source.

What are the advantages to using WordPress?

WordPress is a powerful and robust Blogging CMS which allows for a wide variety of Blogging functionality, due to the high number of plug-ins and widgets available.

WordPress allows your blog to be self-hosted which also means it can sit on your choice of website domain.

WordPress allows you to use your own WordPress themed design, meaning the design can be completely bespoke and can tie in seamlessly with your company branding.

Since WordPress is based on PHP and MySQL and is created on an open source system anyone can use, share, and support the website. What this means is if you are unhappy with your website developer, or should you want to move to the other side of the world and use a local developer, you can, as with WordPress websites you are not tied into one design agency, as you often are with bespoke built CMS websites.

WordPress is very SEO friendly and comes with a self ping feature. This sends a ‘ping’ to different search engines every time the blog updated.

You can use various plug-ins / extensions to expand on the basic WordPress functionality including allowing WordPress to update, and be updated, by your various other Social Networking platforms (ie Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc)

One of the strongest features of WordPress is the easy to use CMS. It has a dashboard where users can manipulate posts, categories, themes, tools, widget, setting etc.

There is a lot of support documentation available online and on you-tube should you want to explore the CMS capabilities yourself.

What are the disadvantages to using WordPress?

WordPress isn’t a full CMS product and although it is amazing for blogs and the majority of basic websites, if you want something with complicated functionality (like community, e-commerce and real estate websites) the CMS can be restrictive.

What do we do with WordPress?

  • Custom / bespoke WordPress theme designs
  • PSD to WordPress themed conversions
  • Creation / setup of WordPress Blogs / Websites
  • Modifying and personalising WordPress plug-ins
  • Training on the WordPress CMS

So with our knowledge of WordPress and our ability to create bespoke designed WordPress themes we are confident that we can offer you a Blog / CMS based website to support all your companies needs.

If you require more information on WordPress, or would like to speak to us about creating you a WordPress Blog / Website, please Contact Us.