We offer all types of websites from static, responsive HTML5 & CSS to Flash animated and dynamic, database driven websites and best of all we don’t expect you to understand the differences in these technologies or know which will suit your needs best. It’s our job to understand your requirements and to help guide you as to which technology will be best to achieve your end goal.

All our sites are built to load quickly and are tested and compatible with all the mainstream web browsers being used today (for example Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera etc).

To deliver our database driven websites, where you can update the content yourself, like e-commerce, real estate and community websites, we use Joomla, an award-winning content management system (CMS) and for blogs we use WordPress, ‘the largest self-hosted blogging tool in the world’. The advantage to having a CMS based website is that it puts you, the client, in control of your website.

With a CMS you can update the content on your web page yourself, whether this be simple text and photos or music, videos, documents, products, properties, just about anything you can think of. We train all our clients in how to use the Joomla or WordPress CMS, which requires almost no technical skill or knowledge to use.

No matter what technology your website is built with you can rest assured that all our websites, as well as being robust, are built to work quickly, load properly and follow industry standards.

To a lot of people all of this is Double Dutch, if you want any of the above translated into English, or just require further information, please Contact Us.

All our web sites are built in house by Lee Attard, to see some examples of our Website Design work please Click Here.