Social Networking seems to be the latest buzz word and everyone is doing it, but what is Social Networking and how can it benefit your business?

Social Networks have been around for years and most people are members of a few at least (even if they don’t realise it). For example a social network could be a school / a golf club / a place of work etc and all the people within the school / golf club / work company, are within the same social network and therefore any communications people have within that group (whether it be large or small) is considered as social networking.

Social networks hold with them a certain power to allow their members to network, an example of this could be the scenario when 2 strangers meet at an event, they get introduced and don’t have much to talk about until they realised they both attended the same college / are members of the same golf club / have both worked for the same company. Suddenly conversation follows and the ability to network has become so much easier due to this common ground.

Nowadays when people refer to social networking they are referring to areas online they are ‘members’ of. Places that they go to to make, and talk to, ‘friends’, ‘connections’ and ‘followers’ etc who are members within the same social network.
These modern day, online versions of social networks work on the same principle as the traditional groups and allow people within the same networks to have something in common to talk about, a reason to connect, whether this be through a friends friend on Facebook, a connections connection on LinkedIn or a joined group within the platform where all members hold a common interest.

Examples of some of the most popular social networking sites are Facebook, My Space, Twitter, and LinkedIn and although some are more business focused than others, all can be used to increase business.

It works like any other of type of networking, the more you network (and with the right people) the more you have the opportunity to meet more new contacts, build a relationship with them, create trust, which in turn can allow you to do business with them or their connections / friends / followers as well as allowing you to market your company to a whole new audience. For example you can email all your friends / fans / connections / followers with any of your latest promotions, offers and competitions, but remember you also need to be careful not to abuse this power as people will be turned off by too much sales / spam.

The power of these platforms can allow you to communication with potential clients in a unique way as well as giving you the opportunity to drive more traffic to your main website, in turn helping with your websites SEO.

At Aqua Creative we understand how these platforms work and will be happy to help you utilise the power of these platforms in a way that will work with the time you have to dedicate, as well as the image of your company. We can help you determine the best social networking strategy for your company as well as assisting in the basics of setting you up accounts through to helping you with the technical aspects of getting your website, blog and social networking platforms all working together.

If you have any questions about social networking you can get in touch via our website Contact Us page, Facebook Page, LinkedIn Group or Twitter Page.