We pride ourselves on offering all the graphic and web design services needed for any project, in-house, under one roof, so that our clients don’t need to go anywhere else to get their project delivered. However, we know, to provide all these services we need to offer production and project management services which sit seamlessly alongside our design services and this is another area we pride ourselves on.

We know that any design brief has more to it than just the actual design. We need to be able to understand our clients’ brief and their requirements, co-ordinate the work so it is completed by the required deadline, get the right feedback from our clients along the way and of course deal with the paper work and make sure

everything comes in on time and within the agreed budget.

To bring all the elements together on a creative job you not only need good organisational, production and project management skills but also the technical and design knowledge needed to co-ordinate any new media project. All these elements are vital to make sure the project is delivered to the specified requirements, on time, within budget and here at Aqua Creative we can offer Bafta award winning production services by Stefana Attard who has over 12 years of experience in production within the new media industry.