Good design is imperative but it needs to be supported by the right content, from professional images to copy written in a clear, accurate way that will help sell your company, services and products to your clients. This is the case for your graphic design work as well as your website and we are here to help you with all your content creation from sourcing professional images to assisting with copy writing.

In the world of websites you will often hear the phrase ‘Content is King’. The internet, which used to be referred to as the ‘information superhighway’ in the 1990’s, is mainly used for information of some sort. The more interesting and useful your website’s content the more likely people will want to visit your website again, and of course the more you add new content the more reasons for people to revisit the site.

Even when selling online content is imperative, the right content can help install confidence in your company and the products you are selling. Information on the returns policies available, and of course the product descriptions, will all go towards aiding a sale. When someone is going to buy online the more information they can obtain about the product the more likely they are to purchase. The more confidence you can install in the product and your company, the more likely they will choose your site to buy from.

When creating your website you should ask questions like… What is the aim of my website? Who am I targeting the website at? Does my website answer the questions my users might have? Is my contact information readily available? Is there a call to action on most of my pages? We are here to help you ask the right questions and find the right answers.

We can help with all your content creation, from spec’ing out your site (i.e. what content will be on each page of your site and what structure will those pages follow) to deciding how it should be presented.

Alongside our content creation we also offer copy writing services. We understand that different writing styles are often needed on a website to that of a flyer or a newspaper ad for example. In regards to your website copy we also understand how to write text with SEO in mind. We offer a copy writing service tailored not only to your target audience, but also for the medium you are using. We also offer translation services so all your web and graphic design content can be dealt with under one roof.

At Aqua Creative we can offer as much or as little help as you like in the content creation and copy writing process. For more information please Contact Us.