After months (and we really do mean months) of work on our new company website the site has finally gone live at

Aqua Creative Website

We realised pretty early on last year that with all the work we had on we were finding it increasingly hard to keep our main company website updated with our latest work. Hence part of the reason for us launching this blog at the beginning of 2009.

Our blog has been a great way to keep everyone who is interested, up-to-date on what we are up to on a regular basis, but of course we knew we still needed to keep our main website updated more frequently. So we decided the best way to do this was to put the static main website into a CMS. At the end of 2009 we began to put our website into Joomla, and of course as designers we thought this would be the ideal time to re-design!

Although most of the work on our new website was completed by Feb of 2010, due to the large amount of clients’ work we had on, we were finding it increasingly hard to get the time to complete it. Plus we agreed it would make sense to wait a bit longer and add some of our more recent projects, which had been keeping us so busy, to the portfolio of our work.

So, after 6 months of hard work, we are over the moon and extremely relieved, to finally see the website go live.

On top of the 2 major changes to our new website (the redesign and the CMS) we have added various bits of functionality which we are very happy with.

On our homepage we now have a very large banner at the top of the page allowing us to truly showcase some of our favourite and latest work. We also have a flash scroller of some of our other favourite / most recent projects further down the page, to highlight to our potential clients the work we are able to produce.

This website is more focused on social networking than our last. We have a feed from our Twitter account on our homepage so, as soon as our users come to our site, they can see what we are up to on a more up-to-date basis. And of course we also promote the other social networking platforms of Facebook and LinkedIn that we can be found on.

We have a selection of quotes from the testimonials our client have written us and we have made contacting us even easier, by not only having our contact details on every page but allowing our users to contact us via MSN and Skype.

Throughout the site we have made use of some nice little bits of functionality. We particularly like the smooth scrolling effect of our ‘back to top’ button and the javascript effect on the ‘our work’ page.

It probably goes without saying that the new site has been created and built with SEO in mind.

Anyway we would love to hear your thoughts / comments on the website, so please feel free to comment below.